Quare Name For A Boy

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The Independent Woman
The development of a complex character is, arguably, an author’s greatest challenge—to bring a being from something written on a page to someone existing in one’s imagination is a significant feat. The woman from “Quare Name for a Boy” is one of the most dynamic characters in Claire Keegan’s story. In her short story, “Quare Name for a Boy,” Claire Keegan utilizes external relationships to develop an ambitious young woman from one who is closed off to one who is open to experiences and ultimately self-accepting. As the woman faces hardship, she begins to welcome in the idea of making a family of her own. The story starts off with the woman living her life in England and then coming home to Ireland to reveal the news
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In the woman’s eyes, her lover is exhibiting childish behavior that does not seem fit for a future father for her child. With this, the woman’s strength and independence starts to develop within her. As she makes the decision that the man’s presence in her life would only cause her distress, she becomes an independent woman who is not afraid to stand on her own even though it is uncommon for the women of her family to do so. When the woman makes this decision, she allows herself to accept the fact that she is a strong, independent woman that does not need the help of a man.
Researchers claim that self-acceptance leads to being satisfied in life both directly and in directly (Ceyhan, A & Ceyhan, E 2011; Choy & Moneta 2002). When the woman makes the discovery that her past lover is not the right person to be in her life, she is making a decision that will leads to her accepting herself the way that she is, which will leave her feeling content in the decisions that she makes for both her and her child. This demonstrates a form of confidence because by her making her own decisions for her own happiness, she starts to bring out the self-acceptance that dwells within
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