Quarta And Auggie Character Analysis

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In the book, The girl who was born with only two arms two legs by Stuart Baum and Wonder by R.J. Palacio Quarta and Auggie both are underestimated by a lot of people. Quarta is a girl who has two arms and two legs but everyone else has four arms and four legs. She's trying to be strong but people make fun of her. Auggie has a disability and is also made fun of. How Quarta and Auggie get underestimated by a lot of people are they get treated different because of their appearance and disabilities.They also get underestimated because they both get treated different by adults, classmates and parents. Furthermore, on how Auggie and Quarta are underestimated by their disabilities and appearance is they both get teased by their disabilities and appearance. People arent used to being around people that look and act different like that.One example, on how Auggie gets treated is Jullian becuase Jullian is mean to Auggie. He makes…show more content…
In the begining of “Wonder”Jullian was great friends with Auggie until they started fading away and Auggie did nothing but be himself then Jullians mom told Jullian couldnt hang out with him becuase Auggie did nothing but be in my opnion thats not very nice.In the story The girl born with only two arms and two legs people were treating her like a baby “She did not starve,of course,but there were some lunches when her teachers had to give her food,like a baby,and this was embaresing.” This shows that Quarta is treated different by people! Quarta and Auggie Are similar in many ways yet different but mostly similar because of their disabilities and appearance they both get underestimated. Quarta looks different because she only has two arms and two legs and Auggie has a different appearance than normal people but he still acts the same and he gets teased for his appearance and

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