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Could you imagine having only two arms and two legs? Unbelievable! In the short story, “The Girl who was Born with only Two Arms and Two Legs,” by Stuart Baum, the protagonist, Quarta is determined to make friends. I think this because, she is lonely, brave, and kind. The most obvious reason why Quarta is determined to make friends is, she is very lonely. In the beginning of the text, the author wrote, “Growing up Quarta had very few friends.” Baum also wrote that, “She was too different too be considered a girlfriend.” In the story, because of this Quarta was very sad. This illustrates, that Quarta wants to stop being lonely and wants to make some friends. Another reason why Quarta is determined to make friends is, she is brave. Towards the middle of the story, Quarta saved a mischievous boy named, Kako from a tidepool. Quarta could’ve just done this because it was the right thing to do. But on the other hand, I believe she rescued him because she was trying to prove to everyone that she was worth something, that she could do things. At the end of the text, Quarta created a game called, one-ball. Most of the kids that weren’t athletic, joined the league. After the game became more popular, Jenna, the best athlete in the school payed Quarta a visit. Jenna confronted her and claimed that Quarta was, “Unfair and Mean.” But, Quarta shot back at Jenna. Defying the most popular girl in school took courage, but Quarta did it anyway. I believe that Quarta did these things to show her classmates that she wasn’t the weekling…show more content…
Throughout Quarta’s lifetime, she was never bitter or mean to the other kids that made fun of her. She was kind. Another example is, Quarta created a game that ALL could play. As a result to her trying to recruit people to play Shay, a boy that had deformed arms, was invited. I believe that Quarta is nice to others show people she can be a good

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