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Quarta, the main character in “The Girl who was Born with only two Arms and Legs,” by Stuart Baum, is a role model. She demonstrates this by being a good sport in gym classes, she is kind to those around her who are unkind, and she cares for others in need of friends or assistance. **Quarta is a two-armed and legged creature trying to fit into a four-armed and legged creature world, but the four-armed and legged creatures aren’t so friendly, especially those who are different than them, limbwise. To start off, Quarta is a role model because she is a good sport. For instance, nobody ever liked having Quarta on their team, but Quarta didn’t complain or sit out, she played the games and did her best, which is all anyone could ask for. According to the text saying, “she could only catch…show more content…
An example of this is during the field trip to the beach, a student named Kako, a full four-armed and legged troublemaker, was stuck in a tidepool. Luckily, Quarta had been successful in rescuing Kako. This evidence shows how Quarta cares about other students and how it plays a big part in her being a role model. However, I think what’s most important is that she invented a sport called ‘One-ball’ that two, three, and four armed and legged creatures, non-competitive, but everyone could have fun. Of course, there has to be some sort of backfire, and both of those deeds were turned against her. When she rescued Kako, they taunted him and called Quarta a ‘freak.’ With ‘One ball,’ the four-armed and legged students crossed their arms and said that Quarta “Wanted the sport for herself.” Surprisingly though, Quarta still helps other students and ignores their tauntings. In Quarta’s mind, she is a hero, and that’s what keeps her going and helps her be kind to other students. This reason about Quarta being caring just proves more and more that Quarta is a role

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