Quarter Flies Research Paper

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Aristotle, a famous philosopher, once said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” (Brainyquote.com). The ‘bitter roots’ he is talking about are quarterlies. A quarterly is a test given to students at the end of each marking period to allow students to show what they have learned for that marking period. Each major subject including math, science, english, and history, are required to administer the tests. Understandably, not many people are familiar with this test because they are actually very uncommon. And for good reason. Students do not always know what is going to exactly be on a test, leading them to under or over prepare, leading to obvious problems. Quarterlies are counterproductive to students as they force teachers to ‘teach to…show more content…
Quarterlies take 5 days to fully administer for all four subjects, and it can take even longer for make-ups. And if all the quarterlies throughout the entire year are counted, it could take a whopping 20+ days to administer fully. To add insult to injury, supervisors have made an insensible rule that prohibits other assessments to be given to students during quarterly week. This rule applies to tests that are not even related to the target quarterly subject, like prohibiting a math test to take place on the same day as the english quarterly. This not only takes away a significant time from the school year, but severely increases the stress students and teachers face. Quarterlies take place in the last few weeks of a marking period, and because of that, teachers must base their entire lesson plan off the quarterly week. This means moving lectures, readjusting tests and quizzes, and basically cramming everything on the last day of the marking period. Having so many tests to grade the day before the end of the marking period makes school a torment for teachers, not to mention that students have to study for 5 tests right after the week of
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