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Have you ever wondered where different breeds of horses originated from? There are over 350 breeds of horses in the world. They go from two feet tall to roughly seven feet tall. Horses are a very useful animal when it comes to almost anything. About a third of the horses in the world are used for recreational use. Horses are bred for many different things like work, thickness of the body, speed, and color. Quarter horses got their name for being able to sprint fast in a quarter mile. They also are known for their powerful hindquarters. They originated in the United States. The American Quarter Horse Association was found in 1940. Its sturdiness makes it known for a great work or cattle horse. Quarter horses are the most popular breed in the United States. There is an American Quarter Horse Association, which has all the registered quarter horses listed. Quarter horses come in almost every color, the most common being sorrel. Most quarter horses stand around 15 hh. They are very calm horses and are easy to get along with. This is why they are very easy to train. They are used for all areas of riding, gaming, and any ranch work at all, especially cow work.…show more content…
They have existed for over 5,000 years. They are one of the oldest purebred horses. They are known for their shape and appearance. They are very fast horses and they excel in the endurance races. They have on fewer vertebrae and rib then your common horse. An Arabian is a very small thin-like horse, which causes their tail to sit really high. Their bones are much smaller than the average horse, which causes them to have more health problems. Unlike the Quarter Horse, they take a lot longer to train. One reason being their bones are so small so they don’t mature as fast. Another being that they have more energy. There are only five colors of Arabians. They are also one solid

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