Quartering Act Dbq

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BOOM!,BOOM!,BOOM! Someone is at the door, I wonder who it could be? Three 1-soldiers 6-barge into the 4-house. They 3-immediately make themselves at home. The smell of alcohol swells in the air, they are drunk. They demand 2-food and the 1-family can’t deny because they are the 5-kings soldiers. What was the 2-Quartering Act and how did it lead to the 2-Revolutionary War? In 3-1765 1-Parliament passed the 2-intolerable acts. With in this act was the Quartering Act. The Quartering Act was a 2-law that out lined that If the soldiers 2-barracks were 5-overcrowded the 1-american 1-colonist had to 2-provide 2-housing, food, and 2-water. The colonist did not take to kindly to this law as summarized by 5-1-Benjamin Franklin who gave examples

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