Quebec Self Determinism

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A further reason to embrace the perspective of the assigned source is that any peoples living in the same territory, speaking the same language, and sharing a common culture have the right to pursue self-determinism. The Quebec separatism is an example of peoples whose identity is based on a common history. Quebec has been colonized by France and since France has its own culture, their culture transcended into the colony in a slightly different form which has been preserved throughout the ages. Thus, Quebec is the manifestation of the culture of a particular group of people, which gives them the rights to pursue their own affairs. Self-determinism is not a right given by other individuals to a group of peoples. The desire to pursue self-determinism is not a…show more content…
Thus, started an ongoing pursuit of self-determinism by the Québécois to gain independence from Canada and its alienation of their province. The takeover of New France first began after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (September 13, 1759) which took place during the Seven Years’ War. The British, led by General James Wolfe, had invaded Quebec City and defeated French troops which resulted to the surrender of Quebec. In February 10, 1763, the Treaty of Paris, was signed by Britain, France, and Spain which ended the Seven Years’ War. The treaty was the beginning of British rule outside of Europe as well as the transformation of New France into British North America. The colonies were not consulted with the ceding of their land to the British and New France was physically and politically forced to surrender to British rule. In 1774, the British Parliament enacted the Quebec Act which granted freedom of the practice of Catholic faith. The Quebec Act also restored the French civil code, although Quebec still has to maintain and follow the English criminal
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