Quebec's Multicultural Culture

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Quebec, Canada is a multicultural state, its beautiful nature views are sure to catch the eye. Quebec is Canada 's largest state and home to more 8.2 million people. Quebec is a vibrant multicultural state, often its recognition as the as the ‘European of North America’. Quebec is also famous for its forest and vast waterways. It has more freshwater than any other state. People come to Quebec each year from more than 100 countries. Helping to give to multicultural character of state and driving the Quebec economy. At over 7.9 million people in Quebec population is almost one quarter of Canada 's total. In recent decades the government of Quebec has pushed its power to help strengthen the unique culture of the state. Quebec…show more content…
Almost all of Quebec 's future growth can come from people from other countries moving there. People come to live in Quebec 's from all over the world. The majority settling in either Montreal or Quebec city. Many people from french countries choose to settle in either montreal or quebec city. Which is also home to big towns of individuals of italian, greek, arb, irish, chinese and south asian origin. Canada 's government works on federal with controls over certain affairs belonging to the national government in ottawa. The state of quebec has its own democratically-elected legislature known as national assembly of quebec. Which is located in capital of quebec city. There are 125 members elected to the national assembly. Quebec is the only state whose official language is french. The capital city is quebec with nearly the population of 800,000. Quebec is also home canada 's second largest french speaking city in the world. Qealthcare in quebec is universally available to all residents at no cost to the people.Quebec healthcare plan covers the full cost of medical services for all citizen and most perminant residents in quebec. This coverage includes doctor examinations, medical testing, emergency care,…show more content…
Quebec city welcomes thousands of newcomers each year from all over the city. Once an outpost of catholic conservatism. An isolated island of francophonie languishing in the sea of anglo culture. Quebec has finally come into its own and has crafted a rich. Spirited culture independent of its european motherland. Tourism in quebec city is a major industry as well, as the area has been recognized by major international organization for both its history and natural beauty. Today quebec welcomes approximately 50,000 immigrants each year.There 's two official language in quebec french and english. Quebec is a bilingual state. Canada is the most northerly country of the americas and the second largest country in the world. the responsibilities and powers are divided between the federal branch and provincial executives. This includes federal jurisdictions such as international affairs, defence, immigration, criminal law, customs and border control. The provincial governments are responsible for, or share control over, health care, education, and driver licensing and registrations, among other items.As one of Canada’s founding provinces and the only province with a Francophone majority, Quebec’s provincial government has a significant degree of
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