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Shivai was born on June 1, 2012. He lives in Vaughan, ON, with his dad, mom, and sister. Shivai enjoys reading. He loves his baby sister, Samar, and helps take care of her. Once upon a time, there was a boy. The boy wanted something to eat. The boy went to a gift shop. In the gift shop, he got some treats, and he paid for the treats. He rode his bike home. On the way home, he saw some kids playing. So, he went and joined them. He started eating the treats after some time, and a small boy asked for some. He shared the treats with all of the kids, and they played again happily. He went home and shared the story with Mommy. Mommy was so proud of the boy, and she told him that sharing is caring, and he should always share. Chloe was born in Saskatoon, SK, and lives in Watson. Her birthday is October thirteenth. Chloe enjoys skating, piano, and dancing. She has a dog named Shelby.…show more content…
Once they got to the race track, Scott changed into his black race uniform. Scott got registered for the race, and then it was time for practice. During practice, the judges determined what lane the racers would be in for the real race. Scott got on his motorcycle, and he was the fastest. This meant that he would be the first one in line for the race. When Scott was turning off his motorcycle, he noticed the engine sounded funny. He told his mom. Then, he thought about what he could do. Scott and his mom went to a motorcycle shop and bought a new red motorcycle with a new blue helmet! Then, it was nighttime, and it was time for the race to begin. Most of the other motorcycle racers wore black or grey, but his uniform was special. Scott put on a red uniform that matched his new motorcycle, and he went to the starting line. He won the cup and split half of it with his grandma so she could live longer! Amelia was born in February 2010. She lives in Raymond, AB, and is the third of five children. Amelia loves to play the piano, help her mom cook, and

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