Queen Bee Short Story

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Shivai was born on June 1, 2012. He lives in Vaughan, ON, with his dad, mom, and sister. Shivai enjoys reading. He loves his baby sister, Samar, and helps take care of her.
Once upon a time, there was a boy. The boy wanted something to eat. The boy went to a gift shop. In the gift shop, he got some treats, and he paid for the treats. He rode his bike home.
On the way home, he saw some kids playing. So, he went and joined them. He started eating the treats after some time, and a small boy asked for some. He shared the treats with all of the kids, and they played again happily.
He went home and shared the story with Mommy. Mommy was so proud of the boy, and she told him that sharing is caring, and he should always share.

Chloe was born in
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We made a deal, and the honey is yours."
They were happy to hear that. They took the honey, and they left for home.
They ate and ate the honey and also shared the honey with their friends and family.
They had the little bear's birthday. “We have to have honey cake,” said one of their friends.
The bears said, “Yes, we have the best honey in the world. We will never have another party without it.” They lived happily ever after.

One hot day at the farm, a pig named Bob wanted a mud puddle. Bob loved mud. He was pink, he had a big nose, and he was also really friendly.
Bob went in the woods when it was feeding time. He ran into a beaver carrying wood. "Nice to meet you," smiled the beaver.
Bob was scared. Bob said, "Do you want to join
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It was a wonderful sight! There were jack-o’-lanterns everywhere. It was lovely!
Weeks passed, and there were only four leaves left, and little Charmin was one. There was a little bit of snow wherever you looked. Before you knew it, there were only two, Charmin and one on his left. Then, he was the only one; of course, it was very lonely.
The next day, there was a snowstorm. It was very windy. All the leaves in the village tumbled down to the ground, except for Charmin. He just sat there, not knowing what to do. He wanted to fall because he was lonely, but he knew the second he touched the ground, he would be covered in snow.
Months passed, and Charmin was still there. Years passed, and he was still there, next to the old oak tree.

Riley lives in North York, ON. She is into robotics and coding. In her spare time, Riley Justine likes to draw Japanese anime. This is the first short-story contest she has entered, and she brought her favourite fruit, the blueberry, to

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