Queen Bees Theory Essay

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This idea about masculinity and how it relates to power and leadership can help bring reason as to why some women take on the Queen Bee approach. Women must stay in the middle. “If women conform to the gender role by being feminine they fail to be ‘managerial’, but if they conform to the managerial role they are no longer feminine” (Mavin, 2008, p.77). Women have so many expectations that society makes it hard for them to be successful and seen for their strengths. Queen Bees act in a way that will differentiate them from other women. “They do this by pursuing an individual strategy of advancement that centers on distancing themselves from other women” (Cooper, 2016). It is as though they shy away due to be hurt, harmed, or degraded only…show more content…
Society makes it harder for those that embrace diversity and respect the differences God’s children have. Therefore, things like the Queen Bee theory can be an easy style to mimic when you are a woman that just wants to strengthen her career and lead, ones that wants to have the same chances men have. Women working with other women help spread light and eliminate darkness. It presents a chain reaction that is positive. It is not the best when women are working with other women that want to do negative things and it’s even worse when these women still don’t have the same chances. Some organizations today are aware of negative actions such as the Queen Bee theory so they won’t promote or engage with those that empower them. Per the Bible, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ” (New International Version, Galatians 3:28). Christ would not approve of society’s expectations for women, nor would Christ stand for the unfair actions against women to be able to gain access to leadership positions. Everyone is the same in God’s eyes and that needs to stand true in society when comparing men and women and their ability to gain access to leadership
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