Queen Edith's Tapestry Analysis

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The Tapestry is actually an embroidered strip of linen 231 feet long, which provides a visual of history, events, conquests and battles that occurred in England. There is celebration, names of kings, a voyage on a vessel heading out to sea and villagers. There is conversation at the celebratory table as a villager points out the men preparing to travel out to sea and the other is scene of the coronation. The visualizations indicates the story is important. What is missing from the Tapestry is King Harold honoring the relinquishment of the throne to King William. The missing image not present in the Tapestry could possibly be the family relationship Queen Edith shared with her brother King Harold and staying loyal to her husband but not displaying damaging conflict between the two. If that is the case what an awesome political move by the Queen.…show more content…
The garments depict men of military, others possibly servants of the king and pets of the king. What an accomplishment for womankind of that era displaying abilities, talents and skill. Queen Edith’s Tapestry provides a legitimate history of events and proves the resourcefulness’ of women and the constructive support they offer to man. The acknowledgement and years of discussions by scholars regarding the Bayeux Tapestry masterpiece confirms that this artifact is of important value regardless that the creator is a
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