Queen Elizabeth Case Study

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This essay will analyse different aspects and sections of Queen Elizabeth’s life. We will see how successful she was by dealing with these problems. Throughout her life she had face many problems as a ruler, she faced problems of things like religion to wars and battles like the Spanish Armada.

Elizabeth’s problems as a ruler

Elizabeth had many problems as she grew up. She had the problems of religion as her sister Mary was catholic. And she used to burn Protestants, this made the Protestants very angry as they wanted to escalate the situation and burn the Catholics. Next was the problem of marriage. The public wanted her to find a suitor so that she would have both a heir to the throne and could give advice to the future
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At that time Protestants were more favoured than the Catholics but when Elizabeth came along, she made the Catholics pay a small fee so that they could pray at home. This made the Catholics think that she was a fair ruler unlike the other ones who would mistreat the Catholics. This made Queen Elizabeth more popular with both the Christians and the Protestants which would mean that there was addition of soldiers to the Calvary, giving higher chances of winning wars and battles.

Image was a very important factor of being a monarch. Making her own image better would tell the people that Queen Elizabeth was a strong ruler. Looking at portraits we can see that she would make her image better by putting strong props such as swords to represent her aggressiveness. She would also put a phoenix which was supposed to mean a long live as a phoenix would be reborn every time it died. This would symbolize long life unlike the other rulers that lived before her. This showed the public to put their faith in her and not to worry about her dying anytime soon.
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But because she was an illegitimate child, many people believed that she was not fit to rule. Since all her advisors were men, they told Elizabeth to find a suitor to marry so that they would have a male heir to the throne. The public and her advisors also thought that a female ruler would not be able to lead the country into war. These were a few of the disadvantages for being a woman or woman ruler at that time.

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary queen of scots was a ruler who married a lot because of deaths and torture. She was supposed to be the most beautiful queen at that time and gathered a lot of attention because of that. When she grew up and Elizabeth was ruling, a lot of the catholic crown noticed her as she was full catholic. She also knew that Elizabeth did not have a child let alone a male heir to carry on the line of succession. But she did have James who was next for both the English and Scottish thrones which would make him a future strong leader. Elizabeth was losing her crown as she was getting old as Mary looked young and was still fit to rule. She was executed later for sending secret later to a man called Babington. They were both executed at different
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