Queen Elizabeth I: A Strong And Powerful Leader Of Queen Elizabeth I

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Tamara Rabeda Mrs. Sator ENG-1D1 March 24 1603 Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth I was a fantastic leader who came from the house of Tudor. She was a very strong and powerful woman. She was the fourth leader that England has had. Compared to her half sister, Mary, who ruled before, Queen Elizabeth I had turned Britain around, in the right direction. She was chosen as Queen to follow in the footsteps of her father and half sister (Mary who died on November 17 1558) because she was part of the Royal Family. Some people say that Queen Elizabeth I was a poor leader. In my opinion she was the most powerful leader that England has ever had and will ever have in the future. People think that Queen Elizabeth I was a weak and confused leader, because of quite a few reasons. The first, the country suffered from lack of food. The reason for his wasn 't because Queen Elizabeth didn 't know how to rule a country, however the country has experienced many invasions from other countries. Many things were destroyed, people were killed, and things were stolen. Moving on, the Spanish Armada. Some citizens to this day still believe that the Spanish Armada was caused by the ignorance of Queen Elizabeth and Spain decided to attack. Even if this is true, did Queen Elizabeth I not defeat them? Now you may be thinking that it was all because of a storm that Spain had that sunk most of their ships, but all in all it was because of Queen Elizabeth that it has been defeated. In my opinion,

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