Queen Elizabeth I: England Beat Spain In The Spanish Armada

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Queen Elizabeth I of England Queen Elizabeth I ruled for forty-five successful years and brought a lot of hope and peace into England. Queen Elizabeth I was a ruler of England from 1558-1603. Throughout her reign, she never married and was known as the “Virgin Queen.” England beat Spain in the Spanish Armada. Elizabeth also claimed the throne despite the fact she was a woman.
Since Elizabeth never married, she made her own decisions without having to talk to anyone about it. Even though Elizabeth never married, historians think that she may have been interested in Thomas Seymour, but it was clear to her that she would not marry. She was the most powerful queen without a husband and died as a virgin (“Elizabeth I”).
England beat Spain in the Spanish Armada. Spain made threats on England. The years of 1570 to 1585 England was not peace nor war. Spain attacked England in 1588. During the spanish Armada England won, but they still had problems with Spain High Point in Elizabeth's reign. Elizabeth 1 page 3). [more detail on history of Spanish Armada]
Queen Elizabeth was a peacemaker and accepted people's opinions. She was
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The Catholics did not accept Elizabeth as the queen of England because she was not a legitimate child due to the fact that Henry VIII did not really divorce his first wife. Elizabeth had two significant points: One of them it didn’t really matter to her what gender she was. Second, she would not take anyone’s advice but listen to her Privy Council’s advice. Throughout her reign, Elizabeth decreased the amount of money that the crown spent on its own wardrobe and [new sentence] also travelled to meet with others. Elizabeth did not marry but succeeded in winning the support of people [how did she win the support of the people?] (Shostak
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