Queen Elizabeth I: The Elizabethan Era Of The Golden Age

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Queen Elizabeth I was born September 7th, 1533 at Greenwich Palace. Queen Elizabeth was born into danger, people were after her and her crown but because she was strong willed, passionate, and brave she overcame many obstacles. Elizabeth was the second child of King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn. When Elizabeth was two years old King Henry tried her mother for adultery and conspiracy. Anne was soon convicted and beheaded. After her mother died her father labeled her as a bastard and a disappointment. Soon after King Henry immediately married Jane Seymour. Henry and Jane gave birth to their son Edward in 1537 which put Elizabeth third in line to the throne. Second in line would be her half sister Mary daughter of Catherine Aragon,…show more content…
Since her sisters reign did not provide a satisfactory model for female authority, Elizabeth had to improvise a new model, one that would overcome the considerate cultural liability of her sex. Elizabeth's reign was known as the Elizabethan Era, and it was also known as the Golden Age. The Elizabethan Era was known as an era of peace and prosperity and the arts had a chance to blossom with Elizabeths support. Queen Elizabeth's intelligence and political savvy helped her to be one of the greatest monarchs to ever rule England. One of Elizabeth's greatest qualities of being a great ruler was her intelligence. Elizabeth's education commenced under several eminent Cambridge Scholars. Elizabeth worked with several tutors who taught her different subjects and languages. They were beneficial, because she would not have to rely on translators. Queen elizabeth was beautiful and very attractive. Many wanted to marry, her but she vowed to never marry or let any man manipulate her. She knew if she was to marry her husband would be above her. Even though marriage was not an option, she managed to use it as a political tool. Elizabeth managed to play her male suitors off of one another. She showed her talents as Diplomat managing a number of suitors and potential royal matches. Elizabeth was married to her job, for that dedication she was nicknamed “The Virgin
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