How Did Elizabeth I Rule The World

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Queen Elizabeth I: England’s Golden Girl There have been many great kings and queens that have ruled England throughout the years. Some of the greatest rulers came from the Tudor monarchy that ruled from 1485 to 1603 (Alchin). As kings and queens of England, Tudor descendants made great strides in establishing England as the world power it is today. Of all the Tudor rulers, Elizabeth I proves to be more popular and to be more prominent in today’s society. Despite having faced many family problems, she was able to accomplish great things including the reestablishment of Protestantism and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Elizabeth ruled England without a husband and did it just as well as any man could have. Thus, Queen Elizabeth I was one of the greatest rulers England has ever known. To begin, Elizabeth was born to King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Because of King Henry’s obsession with having a son, he was furious when Anne gave birth to a girl and accused her of adultery and incest. Despite this false accusation, King Henry had his wife executed when Elizabeth was only two years old. After her parents’ marriage was invalidated, Elizabeth was deemed illegitimate and was no longer first in line to the throne of England. Her title changed from Princess Elizabeth to Lady Elizabeth.…show more content…
She created a lasting legacy that people around the world continue to remember. Overcoming the problems with her family allowed her to become the strong, fearless lady that she was. Because of her skill and determination, she was able to reestablish the Protestant religion and defeat the Spanish Armada. Queen Elizabeth I was as tough as any man, and she proved to be when she ruled without the help of a husband. Elizabeth’s accomplishments before and during her reign are what make her a remarkable queen who will remembered for years to
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