Queen Elizabeth: Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth I was a very strong, powerful woman and a great leader. She was the last Tudor monarch. Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry VIII, who died in 1547. She became the Queen of England after the death of her half sister, Mary, on November 17, 1558. Unlike her father and half sister, her main focus was on what was best for the country and its people. She was chosen as Queen since she was a part of the Royal Family. Some people say that Queen Elizabeth I was a poor leader, I think that she was the most influential leader that England has ever had, and most likely will ever have. Many people in England think that Queen Elizabeth I was not the strongest leader due to a few mishaps in her time while being the Queen. The country suffered from lack of food and other every day essentials. "Troubled times marked the final years of Elizabeth 's reign. The country suffered from failed crops, unemployment and inflation. There were riots over food shortages and rebellions in Ireland." (http://www.biography.com/people/queen-elizabeth-i-9286133#later-years). Queen Elizabeth had faced many challenges during that time. Even though she was a capable ruler, England had experienced quite a few invasions by other countries. Queen Elizabeth I did everything what was necessary to make her country safe. When fighting back was the ultimate option, she would not hesitate. For that reason many people considered her an aggressive leader and that some
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