Elizabethan Influence On The English Renaissance

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The English renaissance is generally marked between the late 14-century and early 17th century. This was after the Italian Renaissance
It is also referred to as Elizabethan theater, which was based on Queen Elizabeth 1st. She was the most prominent political figure during her reign.
Before the English renaissance most of the play that were performed were religion based especially leaning towards the catholic side of religion. Queen Elizabeth being an influential political leader decided that she would break from Catholicism and start strengthening the Anglican church in England. This is because Puritanism was on the rise.
Puritanism was a minority force of churchmen and other members such as members of parliament felt that the Anglican Church was abandoned. Puritans used the Bible as a guide to conduct, not simply to faith, but to political and social life, and since they could
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The involvement of parliament members could justify why Queen Elizabeth decided to start strengthening the Anglican Church.
English Renaissance theatre is derived from different medieval theatre traditions such as mystery plays that were performed in Europe as part of their religious festivals. These mystery plays are mostly retellings of legends based on biblical theme, which were originally performed in churches. This brought around the birth of secular based plays since they were built around religious festivals. (Renaissance English Drama, 2010)
Elizabethan playwrights borrowed most of their ideas for their plays from the Roman playwrights. For example, the use of supernatural beings, violence on stage and even tragedy, Therefore Playwrights such as William Shakespeare could be a good example of such a technique.
For the English Renaissance to be a success differently theatres were built. Some were public others were private. Some of the public theatres were;
- The rose
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