Queen Elizabeth's Speech To Her Troops Analysis

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In her speech to her troops, the troops exemplify a fearing need for a strong leader. They did not believe she had what it took to lead them to a victory. This doubt was rooted in a lack of faith that she could match the rule of her father, King Henry VIII, as a woman under the crown. The primary audience the author writes to are fearful troops, while the secondary audience being written to are the doubting subjects under Queen Elizabeth’s rule. The purpose of this letter was to prove that even without the strong, manly hand of King Henry VIII, over them, Queen Elizabeth had what it would take to lead her troops to victory over the Spanish. Up to this present time in England’s history, their military success had been from under the hand of a man. This is the first exigency Queen Elizabeth pints to. There was a serious lack of faith in her ability since she only had “the body of a weak and feeble woman.” Queen Elizabeth then attempts to use an emotional appeal of her ability to rule by saying, “I have the heart of a king.” Queen Elizabeth wanted her subjects to know it did not require a man’s leadership to be victorious; it just needed an equal heart of one. In the light of an upward battle with…show more content…
The final exigency was the historical burden on the crown’s subject in with taxes, minimal rights, or tyrannical rule. Queen Elizabeth wanted to prove that not only could she lead them to victory, but that she wanted to prove the “famous victory” did not end wither father’s reign. Queen Elizabeth wanted to “let tyrants fear” that she had the intentions of looking to the “good will” of her subjects. Queen Elizabeth wanted to be a humane ruler that would be the “rewarder of everyone of your virtues.” This line by the queen was meant to comfort her audience that she cared about victory as well as the subjects as
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