Queen Latifah: A Game Changer

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“Every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer.” This means that every woman is different, and they can bring different things to others. Every woman should believe in their ability to do something. Queen Latifah is a Game Changer because she shows how women can be defined by more than the traditional definition of women. Queen Latifah born Dana Elaine Owens on March 18, 1970. She was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Queen Latifah’s parents Rita Owens and Lancelot Owens, Sr. are a part of her life, and still are today. Queen Latifah attended Manhattan Community College. While being an outstanding student at 8 years old, Queen Latifah had become a part of the award-winning choir in the district. When given the nickname “Latifah” meaning “delicate and sensitive” by her Muslim cousin, she took her nickname and said, “women are seen as that, but we should be seen as hard and amazing.” The jumpstart to her career was when she released her first album at 19 years old. She went into a field of rap, but then realized she wanted to act. She learned that she is very well adapted to the acting …show more content…

She then went on to winning her first Oscar for best-supporting actress while playing in “Barber Shop 2”. Queen Latifah later created her talk show “The Queen Latifah Show.” She also played an outstanding role in “Set It Off” as Cleo. Queen Latifah changed the way everyone looked at black women who rapped. She then later became one of the many faces of “CoverGirl”. She became a voice for black women who were not yet seen in the music industry. Although Queen Latifah is an amazing actor, producer, and rapper she was also shamed by many for her sexuality. Queen Latifah had come out to the open as she now being homosexual. This was a downfall in her self-esteem, although it did challenge her in many

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