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Queen Melissa is the perfect leader to rule a large group of people. She always takes charge of a situation and easily gets things done. In the description it says, “She gets tasks done because she leads by example and her followers are successful because of it.” This would be good if the citizens want a change in the society, or want a solution to a large problem that is affecting a lot of people. This proves that she has the best interest of her followers in mind, and she never leaves things unfinished. Also, Queen Melissa is the most qualified to be a leader because, “she is strong - both mentally and physically.” These skills make the perfect combination, and are good leadership skills. These skills would help Queen Melissa if there is a war, and the kingdom has to act quickly.…show more content…
This is important because she will not let anything stop her from getting whatever she wants. The description states that Queen Melissa is “determined to succeed at whatever cost- even the lives of others.” These are perfect examples of a strong leader. If the kingdom needs her to solve a dispute between two nations/citizens, the skills that she acquires would help her make the correct decisions and strive for excellence. Although it is bad that Queen Melissa would go that far to achieve what she wants, her followers are still successful. Using the method of fear to get her followers to agree with her is not a good method, but it gets the job done. Queen Melissa would be the ideal leader, because she is strong, independent, and fearless. The kingdom will always be protected under her rule, and everyone will have

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