Queen Mothers In Ghana

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Ghana has a history of queen mother that has lasted through the pre-colonial, the colonial, the post-colonial and into the modern era. The reason for this is the role of the queen mother allows women a space for women in Ghanaian society. Women spaces developed through ceremonial duties and the queen mother 's court to hear women 's cases. Part of the reason that queen mothers have had a lasting role in Ghanaian society is the power of the duality of gender. The chief and queen mother represent gender duality. Gender duality has caused legal pluralism that is centered on the queen mother 's court 's role and state court. In Ghana, the queen mothers have a place in society as part of dual gender roles in their culture. Queen mothers allow for…show more content…
The court is part of the social structure, and it allows for women who cannot afford going to state court to have a way to handle disputes. The existence of both state and queen mothers court-created legal plurality, rooted in gender plurality. The legal plurality means the there is a space for women in the queen mother court, and a way for women grievances to be heard. It is legal and gender plurality in Ghana that allowed for queen mothers to develop into the modern era, and retain political, social, and cultural power. Ultimately, the queen mothers court allows for a space for women with Akan people.
The queen mothers court was the central representation of women 's space and understanding the modern role of queen mothers. The cases that are brought before the queen mother are concerned with the matters pertaining to women. The court was a space that allowed for women to have their voices heard by female leadership. The case typically brought to court were about divorce, land, marriage, sexual relationship, and witchcraft, essential issues that affect women. In the court, women narrate their own stories before a body of
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Ultimately, queen mother 's court created space allows women seek justice. Importantly, the queen mother hears women cases as part of her role in women welfare, and queen mothers are also, familiar with the issues of women 's daily life. The queen mothers court allows for women to have space, and in "the space" of the court allows women to have power. Women 's power is through the language they use when presenting their case to gain leverage over men if men are part of the dispute in the case. The language that women use is considered one of politeness, while men believe that this type of language is a weakness. In the male belief that polite language is weak, men miss the importance, and power of polite language. Polite language allows women to speak about topics that are unspeakable. Giving women the power to speak of their experiences and seek justice even if the topic is taboo. The queen mothers court not only represents a space for women but a space in which any women can have power and

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