Queen Nana IV Speech: A Story Of Globlings

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Hello, Greeting to all Globlings of all ages. These are your morning Globnouncments. This is Queen Nana IV speaking. I would like to see Blubbork III, Thomas Alpaca McGargie, Harryanto Jeff Who, Imani Lateral Kragten, Bindi Holgerson IV, and Derek Tremaine. The weather is quite cold, at 72,000°F outside, and we may need to wear our extra fluffy winter coats.”, Queen Nana IV reported. “Stay warm!” 5 children, each about 15 light years old, raced towards the door, faces filled with excitement. As the guards opened the door, they raced inside, waiting to hear what their great queen had to say. After a long pause, she began to speak. “You five have been asked to do a task that will save our star. Right now, we are on Eta Carinae. We are sending you to save our star, to retrieve the iron at the center of Planet Earth. You all will be traveling by special spaceships, since the special spaceships can withstand the heat of the core as well. Yes, the core may be cold for you, but not for our ships. You will have an expert with you, Blubbork III. He went on the trip a long time ago, during the last time we needed the iron, which I assume was not too long ago! There is limited time, so let’s get you suited up and ready to go. You will not need to pack, the special spaceships have enough supplies to last the time you will need to stay in the Earth. Follow me into this room to get you suited up.” As Thomas, Harry, Imani, Bindi, and Derek followed the queen to the mysterious

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