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Here lies Queen Ruby Riley, the most beautiful Queen of Egypt, leaving this world on 167 B.C. She was born into the Riley family in 225 B.C, her father, King John Riley, was the Pharaoh at the time. He passed away shortly after her birth in 225 B.C, due to a battle wound that could not be tended to. After her father 's death, her older brother, King Rob Riley, became the ruler at 12 years old. He ruled for more than 20 years until the people of Egypt were fed up with him. He was removed from his throne because the Armies were not winning battles and the traders were not trading for goods. Then it was finally Princess Ruby’s turn. In 204 B.C. Princess Ruby took over the throne from her brother. Egypt was very pleased with her, after her first…show more content…
First, they wrap the body in cloths this is called mummification. The cloths used in mummification belonged to the deceased and were their Shentis. A Shenti is a piece of clothing that covered the person from the sun and protects the body. They cherished these and were needed for the afterlife. Second, they would make a stone Sarcophagus much like a coffin. It was usually decorated with gold for the higher class, and copper for the lower class. Along the outside of the tomb would be a story of the person 's life written in hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were the writing system used by the Ancient Egyptians and they were pictures or symbols that represented a story of one 's life. Finally, the Egyptians held huge ceremonies for the burying of a body into a tomb. A tomb had a large luxuriant room where only family members were allowed to visit the Sarcophagus. The Pharaoh would have the largest tomb and filled with the most items. They would also be buried in the Valley of the Kings or Queen. The Egyptian’s tombs were and are magnificent, the tradition is still carried on through
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