Queenie Volupides Monologue

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Mrs. Fitzgerald Write- On When we first arrived at Queenie Volupides’ house, we saw Arthur Volupides laying on his back, with his feet pointing up the stairs in front of Queenie. He is holding an empty and unbroken glass in his left hand. The house was well organized except for a pan that was slightly askew. Queenie is well dressed in a fancy dress and jewelry. Her hair is fixed. Arthur appears to be wearing tuxedo pants, shirt and a bowtie. He is wearing a robe over his shirt. Moreover, there is no blood visible on the floor or anywhere. There is a pan on the stove in the kitchen and there is smoke or steam coming off of it. We were told that Queenie and Arthur had an argument. Queenie left the house to go to a party. Arthur…show more content…
First of all, Queenie didn’t call 911 immediately after Arthur allegedly fell, but waited for her friends to arrive. In most cases, when someone gets hurt, a person doesn’t wait for ten minutes before calling for help. This proves that Queenie is not telling the truth about the timing of the events that happened or that she has something to hide. Moreover, the glass was still in his left hand and wasn’t broken. In case of falling down the stairs, Arthur would have thrown away the glass and tried to catch himself. When something made of glass falls from a high place, it usually shatters. The glass should not be in his left hand, it should be in his right so that he could hold the railing with his left hand. Queenie’s story about Arthur falling down the stairs does not fit with this evidence. To continue, Arthur’s robe is lopsided and has the tie on the side instead of the front. Most people tie their robes in front, so something must have happened to move the tie to the side. Furthermore, the position of Arthur’s body is on his back with his feet resting on the stairs. If a person is walking down the stairs and falls, he will most likely fall forward and land face-down. Since Arthur is laying face-up, Queenie’s story is
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