Queenie Williams Murder Case Study

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Arthur Williams died on October 5th, 2015. Queenie Williams was out at the country club with her friends until she arrived home around one in the morning to supposedly find her husband dead at the bottom of the stairs. His wife is believed to be the alleged killer based on evidence at the crime scene.
Queenie had said that her and her husband had had a heated argument resulting in having the wife leave for the night, and when she arrived home he was laying at the base of the step unmoving. Key witnesses have reported that when Queenie arrived at the country club she seemed “agitated and not herself”. Mrs. Williams has chosen not to tell the police what the quarrel was about, but it is possible that the argument was a possible motive to kill
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The picture that was taken late last night shows Queenie’s husband’s left foot on the second stair from the bottom and his right foot on the third. If he were to have fallen from the top of the stairs, drunk, he wouldn’t be laying upside down with his legs above him. I would also like to inform that when falling from stairs one might think to catch himself in whatever way possible. The candles on the wall were untouched and not to mention that the glass in Arthur’s hand was still there and unbroken. In general, the whole situation seemed staged. It is very possible that Queenie hit her husband in the head with the pan that was on the stove, and in an attempt to cover it up she acted like she was cooking something. The autopsy shows that Arthur was drunk and it is probable that Arthur was on his way down for another drink and then unfortunately slipped. That event is unlikely based on research that has been done. Queenie’s friends showed up about ten minutes after she got home – it only takes two minutes from a wound to the back of the head to kill someone.
The time that Mrs. Williams supposedly arrived at her home to the time that an ambulance was able to arrive is minutes that are regrettably unaccounted for. As of now, there is more than enough evidence to list Queenie Williams as a suspect in Arthur’s case of potential murder. When looking at the evidence at the household and level of anger during the couples argument it is safe to consider Queenie feasibly

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