Queenie's Argumentative Essay

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I arrived at the Volupides residence on October 13th, 1982 at 1:15 a.m. When I arrived, Arthur was dead at the bottom of the stairs. Queenie, his wife, was very upset when I arrived, indicating that the murder/accident might have just happened. There was something cooking in the kitchen, specifically over the stove. The light fixtures and the accessories of the staircase were undisturbed. I concluded that he was dead from a wound to the head and that he was intoxicated with alcohol.(Objective Summary) I believe that Queenies claim is true and she did not kill her husband.(Claim) From asking questions to Queenie, her friends, and other residents of the neighborhood, I concluded that Queenie and Arthur had an intense argument. Shortly after, Queenie left to go to a Country Club Grand Opening party. She did not arrive home until late after midnight. Queenie said that she had left the club 10 minutes before her friends to prepare cocktails and snacks so it would be ready when her friends got there. When…show more content…
Therefore, Queenie heard him fall and was very shocked to see him instantly dead at the bottom of the stairs. (Evidence 2) Given Queenie’s small stature, it's highly unlikely that she was able to push Arthur down the stairs. I take into account that Queenie was also intoxicated, making it even more unlikely for her to push Arthur down the stairs. (Evidence 3) Arthur is lying on his back. That means in this case, he fell backwards trying to go up the stairs. He probably came down for another drink and while going up the stairs, he almost spilled his drink. He tried to keep his drink from spilling making him lose his balance and fall. He hit his head on something very hard such as the base of the banister, giving him a bad concussion, knocking him out, and causing severe internal bleeding to the brain. (Evidence
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