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It’s a hunting season, people are lost in the meadow, waiting to hunt or to be hunted. Is that true that people claim that being gay is doomed to be miserable as they would live as the outsider in society? The stereotype toward gay would always exist as long as people can’t perceive the notion that all of human beings are actually a unit and we are actually the same in every aspect of our life. In the famous UK TV series Queer As Folk (1999), it shows the daily life of three gay characters, Stuart, Vince, and Nathan. From this TV series, the audience could see how the stereotyped gay characters , the sense of isolation of the gay community, and the dual identity of gay people are presented.

From Queer As Folk, the audience could see how the
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From the first scene when all the three characters are walking on street beside the pub, the audience could know that the director is creating the atmosphere that everyone is looking for someone. The idea of escaping can be interpreted through the way that why people go out to meet the new friend as people are actually using this way to find someone to bring them to escape from the life they are living and create a new life story. The audience could somewhat perceive that how isolated they are from the society as there’s only two place they might actually belong to: gay bar and their house. The audience could also find out that the gay and straight people are actually being divided during the night when they can actually go back to live their “personal life”. Thus, as the straight people are considered the majority in society, the director is actually showing to the audience that gay people are hiding from the straight world, and the reason why gay people gather together is because they might not find the sense of belonging in all those “straight” places as they couldn’t really show who they are. Besides, the audience could find out that none of the character actually got someone whom they can be fully falling in love with. Stuart never has a “relationship”, and he is simply an egregious flirt, but definitely not an expert of relationship. Vince is secretly crushing on Stuart, but Stuart seems to have no interest of him. Nathan crazily falls in love with Stuart, but Stuart treats him like a sex toy indeed. Thus, the audience could know that the searching of the sense of belonging is embodied through many aspects of the TV

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