Queer In The LGBT Community

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1. For me, the word Queer can have several meanings depending on the contrast that is used. Usually is a word that is used to identify a person who falls into the LGBT community and even beyond. For example, many people are not sure of their sexuality or their sexuality is fluid can identify themselves as queers. The word has also been used to describe weird things, mostly seen in literature. Years ago, the word was used to insult the LGBT community to call them weird and odd. Besides, words like gay and lesbian were used to insult the LGBT: there were many other synonyms changing from country to country in the past and nowadays as well. The LGBT community has retracted the word and made it theirs, as a way to remove the negative connotation…show more content…
There are also superficial criticisms like those who claim that behind all this there are only some people who think they sound more interesting defining themselves as queer rather than as lesbian or gay. Nevertheless, what cannot be ignored is that queer people seek a world of equal rights between different people: it advocates that everyone can be who they are, as it is. People cannot be stereotyped because of their sexual preference. Nobody has to their life according to the stupid rules society once invented to give sense to something seen for the first time, like a gay man in the 60s. The word "queer" that began as a label or something very offensive and often used for discriminatory or offensive purposes, became a word for members of the gay community without offensive purposes. There was a time in this country when homosexuality was mistakenly classified as a mental illness. However, extensive investigations showed that this assumption was false. On the other hand, doctors and psychologists have recognized that being lesbian or gay does not create obstacles to a happy, healthy and productive life. Therefore it is not correct to label them with words like "queer" when in fact maybe the society is the "queer" for not understanding and respecting the sexual orientation of each…show more content…
In the old days, a woman was not allowed to go to work and it was very badly seen that a man wore earrings or piercings; however, these roles are currently changing in many countries. Beyond sexual orientations and different gender identities, intersexuality refers to biological differences that are more prevalent than we think. Intersexuality is still a great stranger. Everybody knows gay people today and lesbians. Also transsexuals. And probably everyone knows some intersexual people. But the huge difference is that we do not understand it. Increasingly the 'I' accompanies the acronym 'LGTB', precisely with the intention of making this reality visible. Formerly to describe these people used the term 'hermaphrodites'. However, hermaphroditism is only one of the many ways of being intersexual and, in fact, one of the least frequent. The case of David Reimer and what I have learned about intersex impacts the way that I think about sex and gender is that we cannot judge other people for their sex or gender because you never know their story or past. Sex cannot be completely changed, while social roles do. Gender is a social construct, while sex is given by nature. I really think that we should respect every single person no matter what. Other person’s life or sexuality is a mystery because only one knows their life. An example of this is the case of David Reimer that thanks to this class I learned about him and what happened to him that is a matter of fact very sad. Born

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