Queering Reproduction

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In Queering Reproduction by Laura Mamo, does a superb job at describing and detailing the difficulties of trying to become a mother in a world where heterosexuality is the norm, while being a homosexual (lesbian). Mamo does a great job at challenging the opposing argument, She mentions why lesbians desire to procreate a family as well as, the difficulties on how wanting a family can literally make or break a person. The way mamo shows this in her ethnography Queering Reproduction she gives individual stories/cases of lesbian couples and their struggle on wanting a family. Each one of the cases goes into detail on how difficult it was to get a baby. Some cases contained regular insemination (donated sperm or anonymous sperm), assisted insemination…show more content…
Being that she is a lesbian as well goes to show that she put not only her intellectual abilities, but as well as he heart and soul into this ethnography and overall project. When she mentions her interest on queering reproduction as a reader you can read the enthusiasm and well as the dedication that she was willing to put into this project. Her disclosure made it relatable for women in the same position as the ones she mentions in the book. Knowing that she and other women might be in the same position as other women in the future also made it clearer for her to realize how difficult and exhausting it is, and how strong the dedication of wanting a family should be. That it self made the readers not necessarily relate but helped them…show more content…
In every single one of the books we read this semester all the people, case studies, and stories given in each book all they wanted in the end of everything was a family. They wanted to feel loved, cared for and whole. Even though those things were sometimes affected by different obstacles, just like the women in Mamo’s book, they still made it possible, as did the stories in Scattered family and Road to Evergreen. Which made it possible for each book to have its own way of relating to Queering
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