Quentin Jacobsen's Poem, Leaves Of Grass

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Quentin Jacobsen is a high school senior preparing to graduate. While his friends, Ben and Radar who are your typical teenagers think about partying and prom dates, Quentin has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. As kids Margo and Quentin spent their time embarking on many adventures which included the traumatic experience of finding a dead man in the park. After that Quentin dint want to be a part of Margo’s adventures, Margo however continued. As they grew older, Margo became popular while Quentin hung out with kids in band who weren't popular. One night Margo appears at Quentin’s one night she appears at his window to ask for his help in playing revenge pranks and he can't refuse. Her boyfriend,…show more content…
At the end of the evening, Margo and Quentin break into SeaWorld. She takes him to the top of a tower in the city and talks about the paper towns below. Quentin thinks that after this night he and Margo will be friends once again. However, Margo runs away the next day. Quentin turns to his friends Ben Rader and Lacy for help. Quentin is convinced that Margo is leaving clues behind for him to find her. Quentin gets into Margo's room and he finds potential clues in song lyrics and her highlighted copy of the poem "Leaves of Grass." The more he reads the poem, the more he fears Margo plans to kill herself. Quentin determines that Margo has gone to New York and will only be there until the night after of graduation. He learns of Place called Agloe, which is a paper town. A paper town is used to describe fictitious cities some map companies included on their products. If the paper town showed up on another company's map, the mapmakers would know their designs had been stolen. Quentin plots out a 19 hour road trip with Ben, Lacy and Rader. Their road trip food conceits of energy drinks and junk food. Quentin and his friends find Margo in the abandoned Agloe General Store. Margo becomes angry that they found since she did not want to be
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