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Drake Releases Diss Song, Ghostwriter Speaks It 's been a pretty messy week in music, and we can blame the MTV Video Music Awards for that! In all seriousness, who knew the award nominations would cause such a ruckus? While most of the "beefs" have somewhat been resolved, the controversy involving Meek Mill and Drake has just been turned up another notch. For some unforeseen reason, Mill decided to call out his "friend" Drake for having a ghostwriter. Mill simply tweeted the name "Quentin Miller," and then DJ Funkmaster Flex joined in the beef by playing an alleged rap reference of Drake 's hit song "10 Bars." The song was played live on the air, and it was coincidentally recorded by a rapper by the name of Quentin Miller. The alleged rap reference soon became a trending topic, and so it seemed Mill 's ghostwriting statement may have some truth to it. Moreover, Quentin Miller 's name was also credited on several songs from Drake 's If You 're Reading This It 's Too Late project. Well, Miller didn 't let the controversy get too out of hand before he decided to make a statement in regards to the ghostwriter accusation. "I am not and never will be a ghostwriter for…show more content…
Maybe Drake felt like Miller 's statement was enough to disprove Mill 's accusations? Just when things began to get a little quiet, Drake dropped a diss record entitled "Charged Up." "I 'm honored that you think this is staged/ I 'm honored man, in fact, I 'm amazed," Drake rapped. He continued,"Trying to take the higher road and still respect my idols/ I have a deal with Apple but I still feel entitled." Rumors are circulating that Drake believes Jay Z may have something to do with Mill 's ghostwriting accusations, and it stems from the fact that Drake opted not to join Tidal as a co-owner. When Drake says the line, "I still feel entitled," some are suggesting he 's saying "I

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