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Scenes That Only Quentin Tarantino Could Have Gotten Away With Most filmmakers love to push the boundaries and take us places we never thought we would go. They do this not only with twists and special effects but also introducing surprising content, dialogue, and characters. Sometimes these controversial pictures just flop and other times the thrills and shocks elevate them to cult status with runaway success. And when it comes to the shocking, the thrilling, and the controversial there’s one name that will always outshine all the rest and that’s Quentin Tarantino. He’s known for his trademark nonlinear storylines, superb casting, satirical subject matter, unique soundtracks, incredible dialogue and quirky pop culture references. Quentin,…show more content… When Colonel Aldo Raines elite group of Jewish-American soldiers come across a gang of Nazi soldiers in Inglorious Basterds you know it’s definitely not going to end well. Part of the reason you know this is because you’ve already heard the Colonel telling his men that they each owe him 100 Nazi scalps adding “And I want my scalps”. The Colonel questions the first, a blonde sergeant, as to the whereabouts of a group of Germans further up the road but the sergeant refuses to give up the information. Apparently not fazed at all Raine yells out to one of his men known as the Bear Jew telling him that they have a German who wishes to die for his country, urging him to “Oblige him!” Amidst much tension-building baseball-bat tapping, the Bear Jew appears, played by none other than the master of gore himself Eli Roth. What follows is a messy death but one that I was glued to. 12 The Eye Pluck…show more content…
In her back-story, a scene played out completely in anime, we learn that she witnessed her parent's gruesome death at the hands of underworld crime boss, Boss Matsumoto , at a very young age. The young O-Ren vowed revenge and a few years later she manages to kill Matsumoto. The way she does this is as surprising as ever. She takes advantage of his pedophilia and manages to get into his bed at age 11. Sitting on top of him she stabs him in the chest resulting in a fountain of blood. This scene made us almost feel sorry for O-Ren Ishii, one of the Bride’s sworn enemies. Almost, but not quite. 5 Epic Head On Collision Almost every movie we watch nowadays features a crash scene, so it can be pretty difficult for a director to really grab our attention. We feel like we’ve seen it all. But in his 2007 offering, Grindhouse: Deathproof, Quentin once again found a way to surprise us with his particular version of a gruesome head-on
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