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Quentin Tarantino has always been one of the most controversial and charismatic auteurs (if I may call) in Hollywood, as he proves to be an edgy writer/director who dares to tackle an aspect of modern life so dark, so brutal that the public may feel offended and uncomfortable. Also, having spent his youth at the video store, he constantly inserts homages to the old days of cinema and his works reflected so much of the old value to a point that people sometimes accuse him of being a copycat. That being said, his fans respect and admire him because he boldly walks the line. Rising from early movies like the unique indie heist flick Reservoir Dogs to recent success like Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, together with involvement
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Abrams’ long-waited The Force Awakens at the box office) as the eighth directorial piece from Tarantino. He had announced the plan back in 2013 but then the script leaked in 2014 and the production was cancelled. He later changed his mind and decided to bring us a new script with a whole new film, while facing some controversies related to police boycott and gender/race issues portrayed in his works.

The film opens with an overture with the soundtrack scored by Ennio Morricone. As the first movie shot on Ultra Panavision 70 since Khartoum (1966), The Hateful Eight captures quite well the expansion of epic mountainous scenery in the time of winter, yet somehow loses its sparks when the settings shifts to the Minnie’s Haberdashery because from then on, there are mostly close-ups and character-focused
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Of course, we have that cynical, sarcastic charisma of the veteran Samuel L. Jackson and the overwhelming arrogance of Kurt Russell, but all the rest are truly impressive, especially Tim Roth as the quick-witted Mobray and Jennifer Jason Leigh as the insidious Domergue. Even James Parks in his role of the least important lodger still offers his enthusiasm in that one scene when he has to go outside in the freezing weather and comes back shivering, spilling grizzles.

The Hateful Eight marks the eighth film helmed under Tarantino clever combination of great dialogues, irresistible narration, and solid character writing, which brilliantly mixed with the collective spectacles from a charming cast, once again offers his fans a considerably satisfying movie with enough tension and mysteries for them to not leave their
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