Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino Analysis

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Many screenwriters enjoy creating their own jargon for their screenplays. Quentin Tarantino is one of the well-known screenwriters who uniquely build their world through the dialogue and subtly inserts themes to make the audience reflect their own values. In Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, the screenplay hopes to accomplish to have the audience question loyalty, morality and self-interest amongst the characters. Tarantino accomplishes this through the dialogue, inciting incident and climax. The dialogue indicates the loyalty of the criminals for the head mobster and how they are expected to be loyal. Along with the inciting incident, morality is present between two characters and the decision of one of them. As well, self-interest is reflected in the climax to determine who gets to live and who dies. The events which took place throughout the…show more content…
Pink, who is apprehended by the police. The failed armed robbery creates a disastrous turn of events as soon as the police appear at the jewelry store. Although violence is part of the characters lives, the change of plans creates a catastrophic outcome. Many innocent people and cops are killed while the men escape the jewelry store because the police were tipped off of the robbery causing the heist to go wrong. The mobsters believed the robbery was a solid proof plan and did not foresee an undercover cop to be apart of the team. While Mr. Orange is the undercover cop, he did not make it out alive of the warehouse and is a tragic event for the “good cop” who was apart of the horrendous group. Planning and pulling off a robbery is normal for the characters and the audience, without realizing, is rooting for the “bad guys” to pull off their plan and escape. As the screenplay continues the story becomes a tragic anecdote due to the men trying to complete their job, but are faced with death and jail time creating a tragic

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