Quentin Tarantinos Influence On Pulp Fiction

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Flannery O’Connor was very influential to many American filmmakers and directors. One of these directors was Quentin Tarantino, one of America’s inspirational filmmakers. He is very famous for his bloody and gory productions. Reading one of O’Connor’s stories readers can tell that she heavily influenced much of Tarantino’s work. One of Tarantino’s films that seem to be influenced by O’Connor is Pulp Fiction. Many of the characters in this film are not very likeable because of their random acts of violence. One can compare this film to O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. One aspect that stands out about this film and story are the characters, The Misfit and Jules Winnfield. The Misfit is a mass murder who has just escaped from jail. Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction is a hitman for notorious gang boss, Marsellus Wallace. Both of these men are evil. Each of these men has killed before without remorse. Amazingly, both these men in their acts…show more content…
In the events leading up to the “moment of clarity”, Jules was having a causal conversation with his partner Vincent while driving to their next assignment. Indeed events leading up to the moment were causal and the audience was not preparing for the moment of climax. In Pulp Fiction, Jules does not talk about his life before he became a hitman. In the car they talk about Vincent’s trip outside of the country. The conversation takes a turn to how Marsellus had men throw a guy off a roof because he gave his wife a foot rub. This made the characters enter into a discussion about whether or not Marsellus’s actions were a little extreme. When they finally got to the apartment, Jules looked at his watch and said that they were too early and still engage into the conversation about the action of Marsellus. When it was finally time to go to the apartment they stopped the conversation. Jules even said, “ Lets get into

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