Queries Of Unrest Poem Analysis

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Everyone has a journey of childhood some with more self-discovery and some with more self-doubt. The poem “Queries of Unrest” by Clint Smith is about a black author dealing with self-doubt and seeing joy in darkness. Furthermore the poem “Making a Fist” by Naomi Shihab Nye is about a whining child asking his mother about death. “Queries of Unrest” by Clint Smith and “Making a Fist” by Naomi Shihab Nye the poem that was more effective was “Queries of Unrest,” due to it having a more meaningful message of the relationship between self-doubt and trying to discover himself, and a more impactful tone of darkness. In light of this “Queries of Unrest” becomes the more impactful and effective poem. In “Queries of Unrest” by Clint Smith the author shows a more meaningful message using doubt, and the attempt for self discovery. From clear use of tone it is also clearly known to be a doubtful message. Constantly seeing Smith repeat “maybe” inside of the poem shows his doubtfulness and reiterates…show more content…
The child has a sickening pain and asks his mother, “How do you know if you are going to die.” She replies by saying something along the lines of when you can 't make a fist. The scope pulls back and the child is older reminiscing about that time in his life. When tasked to find what 's effective in this poem, the answer is almost nothing. The first stanza of the poem opens with a child, most likely a young child complaining of a stomach ache. The mind-numbing boredom that leads the child to ask a question that might seem mature but in reality is nothing more than a child’s thought. The only sliver of impact comes from the mother stating, “When you can no longer make a fist.” This has the ability to connect to a small minority of people who have felt that had to fight their whole life but the question is what 's more “effective,” and “Queries of Unrest” by Clint Smith answers the question
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