Quest For Beauty In Colombia Sometimes Ends In Tragedy Analysis

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"Quest For Beauty In Colombia Sometimes Ends In Tragedy”, is the title of an article by Charlotte De Beauvoir. This article tells this story of a young woman named Ximena Lopez who wanted plastic surgery to enhance her figure. Her friend, Hanna Valencia, told her that she had gotten the surgery herself and that it was great. She assured her that it was safe because the son of the surgeon prayed for her before the procedure. Her friend’s “comforting” words pushed her to pursue this procedure even further. Because of her lack of funds and knowledge about the process, Lopez ended up taking the riskier path and paying a so-called “doctor” to perform the procedure. Unfortunately, this was a scam that ended up taking the young woman’s life. Because…show more content…
Although the story is set ten years into the Trojan War, we learn from outside resources that the cause of the war was in fact the lust for beauty. Zeus’s wife Hera and their two daughters, Athena and Aphrodite were quarreling over who would be the fairest of the land. In order to avoid confrontation, Zeus sends them all to Paris, an attractive young outcast, in order to settle their disagreement. He is told to choose which will be the fairest. In order to win his approval, each woman begins to attempt to bribe him. While Hera offers to make him king and Athena offers him wisdom in war, Aphrodite offers him the most beautiful woman in the world. He picks Aphrodite and she tells him he will receive Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta, for his prize. His kidnapping of this woman begins the Trojan War. Not only are the three goddesses completely selfish and naive in their quest for beauty, but so is Paris. He neglects the moral code of the Romans just because he believes he is entitled to the wife of another man. Other characters in The Illiad do the same. Agamemnon and Achilles capture the daughter of Apollo’s priest and another young girl from Troy after ransacking the city. These two women cause division between the man and his warrior. Because of the men’s stubbornness to forgive each other and do what’s right, they end up sacrificing victories and live of soldiers over a pointless quarrel. Their “beautiful prizes” meant more to them than the cause they were fighting for. They, like the young Ximena, were so focused on their physical appearance and status that they failed to realize what consequences their actions had upon themselves and others alike. Because of the lack of focus on the things that really mattered, these characters suffered similar consequences and fates as the young woman from
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