Quest Narrative Essay

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So.... Why did he kill the dragon? So, why did the knight kill the dragon? One doubts that he still remembers reason behind it all. And yet, he stands before the winding staircase with those level 5 ‘imperial armor’ on his body and a massive emerald blade that the knight carelessly leans upon. But an english professor only needs one good look at him to know that a quest has just occurred. Defined by Thomas Foster, a quest narrative must contains five items: a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go, trials and challenges, and a real reason. Note that there are main two reasons in the narrative structure. The stated reason is which the protagonist initially journey to do and often fails to achieve. And the real reason often has nothing to do with the stated reason, but instead it is an educational lecture to the quester. Therefore these are ones of the most…show more content…
Before leaving the town, the two young boys encounter a very wide river. Due to an accident at sea that drowned his mother, Naiee has developed a fear of water and death ever since. While the younger boy struggled with his inner turmoil, Naia offered to carry Naiee across the river. After much hesitance, Naiee accepts and manages to hold onto the his elder kin to swim to the opposite shore. The action seems simple enough, but there is a real reason behind this particular quest. Naiee’s fear of any large body of water is not only triggered by the death of a parent, but also the guilt for a lack of strength and bravery when attempting to save the mother that grow like a cancer in his heart. Because of this event, Naiee’s decision to piggyback ride on his brother and attempts to conquer his fear is much more noticeable. From this circumstance, Naiee digests the knowledge of trust for the kin and forms a greater bond between the two
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