Questioned Forensic Evidence

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Questioned Document Have you ever wondered how a document corresponds to a crime scene? Well it may be much more important than one must think. Questioned documents evidence has been around for ages, and is still used in understanding what occurred at a crime scene. However, the evidence must be properly cared for a preserved. A questioned document is defined as a document that is partly or entirely suspicious in regard to the authenticity or origin (James, Nordby, Bell). A questioned document can be various types of documents found at a crime scene, such as a letter, check, receipt, or a ransom note (Hilton, 1940). Therefore, a document that may seem unimportant may very well be the sole piece of evidence to break the case. Similar to several…show more content…
Whether the document being preserved is a check or letter, a crime scene investigator must not be marked on, folded, bent, or transported improperly for any period of time. Instead, the questioned document must be kept into the proper evidence collection envelopes and folders and kept dry (Hilton, 1940). Following these steps helps to ensure that the document is not distorted in any way. For instance, if a crime scene investigation is at the scene of a crime and the individual was to find a ransom note, this would be key information. However, if the crime scene investigator decides to write or draw on the document, it could be considered as contaminated evidence and may not be allowed in the court as evidence. After the questioned document evidence has been collected and preserved carefully and properly, it is then brought to the crime lab where a forensic scientist can process the document. Different types of tests are then ran on the submitted documents by a trained professional to decipher or restore the writing (Hilton, 1940). If identifying evidence is found on the documents, it can be used to marrow down suspects and produce the actor of the crime. For instance, if a daughter is stealing cheeks from her mother, and signing the mothers name as if she was the one furnishing the checks, a great way to look at this questioned document would be to compare handwriting samples. Since everyone has their own unique style of writing it would be rather simple to determine that this document was forged making questioned document collection, preservation, and examination an essential step in the investigation process. Therefore, collecting and preservation document are key elements in the processes of crime scene work. Even thought, this technique of evidence has been around for a while, it still proves to work wonders in the investigation process. Follow the necessary steps to be successful
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