Questions And Answers Of Benjamin Banneker's Letter To Jefferson

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1. What type of document is it? What is the title of the document? The type of document is a letter, titled Banneker 's Letter to Jefferson. 2. What date was the document written? This letter was written on August 19, 1791. 3. Who was the author of the document? Provide a short biography of the author (be sure to provide a citation for the source used). The author of this document is Benjamin Banneker. As per the learning module, “Benjamin Banneker was born free near Baltimore, Maryland in 1731. His father was an enslaved West African from Guinea and his mother was the child of a female European indentured servant and an enslaved African who gained his freedom before she was born.” Mr. Banneker was a self- educated mathematician, astronomer, ran his family’s farm, and a writer among other things. He is mostly known for creating a wooden clock that ran every hour for over forty years, helping survey our nation’s capital, his widely read almanacs, and his letters to Thomas Jefferson. 4. For what audience was the document written? The intended audience for this document was Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was a prominent figure during this time in American History and Benjamin Banneker felt he was the best person to respectfully address his concerns to. 5. What three things does the author say that you think is important? Benjamin Banneker included a copy of his almanac to prove that he is an educated black man. This not only demonstrations he has credibility but that he
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