Questions To Use In Superstitions In The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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The educator 's greatest weapon is the question. Below are some different categories of questions to use, as well as some representations’ of their use with the Adventures of Tom Sawyer book. Convergent Questions: What task did Aunt Polly gives Tom to do? Name three things that Tom got the kids to give him for the “whitewashing privilege.” Clarifying Questions: So, do you think Tom deserved his Aunt Polly punishments, is that right? Why do you feel this way? Cueing Questions: What do you think of the expression “a white lie”? Often told to spare someone 's feelings. Divergent Questions: Why do people believe in superstitions and how do these superstitions compare to some we have today? Evaluative Questions: Is Tom a good or bad boy? Did he should be allowed to lie, skip school and do whatever he wanted to do? Questions that elicit Critical Thinking and Problem solving Knowledge: Name two scenery in which The Adventures of Tom Sawyer story took place and list five main characters of the book. Comprehension: When Tom presents himself to Aunt Polly after the fence whitewashing is complete, she supposes he is lying. Tell in your own words why honesty plays such a significant role in this book? What can you say about Tom’s character? Application: What would you do if you were in the same situation as Tom when he witnessed a murder? Analysis: Why do you think Tom tries to get out of his punishment of whitewashing the fence, but was willing to take Becky’s punishment?

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