Quicksand: A Short Story

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Sometimes teenagers do not know how to deal with certain problems and end up having health problems with a huge weight on their shoulders. When everything seems to move, it seems impossible for you. It is like trying to get out of Quicksand the more you move, the faster you sink. My misery started in middle school I was known for my kindness and the way I treat people, but sometimes they misjudge the attitude and just step over it, without importance. I had two best friends. The gender? A boy and a girl but I was way closer to the boy it was like he was a brother I never had. We did mostly everything together, we knew each other’s family. We had known each other for about a year but that was a lot so we continued to go from there at last we got on to high school but in my sophomore year, It was like I was living a nightmare
With great terror, I screamed for help but no one was there it felt as if I was paralyzed in a lone dark room with no sigh of light what so ever. Time was running out with no way out, I was slowly suffocating. But when I woke up and went to school I wanted to never come back. I wanted a time machine to go back to see what I had done wrong. Why did it have to be on the day of my birthday? The day I waited the anterior year to be rejected by my brother, best friend, and backstabber. I felt
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Well that happened to me similarity as if telling me to stop bringing myself down, to stop calling myself what no girl should be doing. I used to have a hard time trusting people especially boys. But he made me who I am now, I am a strong independent person, a cheery girl know to have a smile on my face, and I am kind yet shy but I am different. I can stand up to anyone that I feel that is doing something wrong to others or myself. This experience has changed me to a better more efficient lady. Changes come and go it is up to you to make it
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