Quiet A Noisy Soul Analysis

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In many ways Quieting a Noisy Soul is closely related to concepts like 'pray your weight away ', particularly in regards to how religious elements become a tool to combat a profane problem. The religious context itself is taken from Evangelical as well as Baptist traditions. Jim Berg, the Author, has studied at the Bob Jones University himself, and received an honorary doctor of divinity degree from the Tabernacle Baptist Theological Seminary ("Jim Berg"). The University itself was founded by an evangelist named Bob Jones Sr. in 1927 and created as a "thoroughly Christian college" supposed to follow a program which would follow the "absolute authority of the Bible" to shape American students ("History of BJU").
Both, Author and publishing house come from a firmly Christian background, following evangelical and Baptist traditions. These conditions make the product, Quieting a Noisy Soul, a program aiming towards sufferers with a number of problems
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Rest from these disturbance in the soul can be found with Christ and with contemplation about his teachings, and that when a person submits to God then God in return will fit the 'yoke ', the burden, and allow the soul to find rest ("How to Quiet a Noisy Soul").
At the heart of this concept stands the idea of submission, of meekness as opposite to pride that corrupts, and that this pride is another source of noise that can only be made quiet by not making the life about oneself, just as Jesus life has not been about himself but about God, but about the 'Master ', as Berg refers to God, and becoming a good and faithful servant to God ("How to Quiet a Noisy Soul").
This means that for all of these different types of problems the three most important steps to overcome the disorders come down to breaking this sinful behavior, reconstructing the relationship with "Jesus Christ to learn God 's methods of problem solving" and practicing those "patterns of problem solving until they become habitual responses"
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