Quiet Kill Quotes Analysis

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Quiet Kill The man gritted his teeth. So, you like the idea.” “Sure do.” “Once the deed is done, cops will prowl the streets for you.” “I’m not worried about that. I know how to make myself scarce. So, what do I have to do?” “Kill.” “Can you be more specific?” “There’s this special character my employer want gone.” “Dead you say?” “Exactly. The guy has been stealing tones of money from the company and even had the audacity to up and rape his boss’s wife. While you’re there, you might as well help yourself to some Ice—jewelry with diamonds in it. After it’s done, call the number I gave you and just say, ‘It’s all good!’ You know what I mean?” “Gotcha you doc. Sounds like the character I’m gonna ice is something. I can understand his boss
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