Quiet Stars By Ed Thipen: Song Analysis

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Track 1 (“Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars”): The song’s relaxing to me when I listen on my bed. I enjoy the piano throughout the song. The song start out slow then it was starting to have a faster tempo. It was a thrill to listen to the piano at 1:22 because the piano was play super-fast notes with a beautiful sound. All of the instruments had balanced sounds but to me the piano standouts the most. Track 2 (“The days of Wine & Roses”): This my favorite track name of the title because I think it a unique name. This song would make me want to drink a glass wine and listing to this song. Ed Thipen was truly mastermind in this song because the cymbal was a huge part of the song. Oscar Peterson solo at 3:39 was really short but hit the notes smoothly.…show more content…
The drum was almost repetition thought out the song. The song change a lot of tempo. It was going fast and then it slow down at the end. My favorite part was the double bass at 14:18. When the double bass was exclude that note beautifully. Track 9 (“Time and Again”): The song start with a really slow tempo. I feel sad when I listen to this song. That’s a great thing this song make me really sad because of the time sad song doesn’t make me sad at all. I think the drum didn’t stand out as much to me because I mostly listing piano to the playing. At 34.56 Oscar Peterson was hitting the notes really fast then he hit the note really slowly. Track 10 (“Good Bye J.D”): This’s my favorite song from the whole album. The drum solo at the beginning of the song was breath taking. Ed Thipen was brilliant. The piano and the double bass came in to play an entertaining song. This song want s me to dance all day. The song has high tempo throughout the song. I liked the part when the song was fading around 39:44. This the best song in the album. My feeling about this album I think this a great jazz music, but when I think about jazz. I think about the saxophone. This isn’t my type of genre because I like to listen to hip pop song. Overall the album was really
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