Quieute Tribe Myth

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For this project I will be studying the a myth from Native American culture. Native American culture is very expansive and diverse, so I will be studying and discussing a myth from a more remote tribe, known as the Quileute, which is located in the Northwestern area of what is now known as La Push, Washington. The Quileute myth that I will be focusing on is that of human origin. More specifically, I will be examining the element responsible for human creation according to the Quileute Tribe. By the end of my study, I expect to have gained detailed knowledge about what or who was responsible for human creation, along with how the creation of humans transpired. With this I will be able to understand the similarities and differences between the Quileute myth on human origin in comparison to others myths I have learned thus far. Additionally, with this information, I will be able to organize and construct a two-page essay report that provides the necessary details and information that I have acquired. In order to obtain the necessary information for my study, I will be begin by locating academic articles and journals, along with history resources for my research. Additionally, I will look at documentation from the territory and surrounding areas of the Tribe, La Push,…show more content…
I will first introduce the topic and my specific focus, the origin of human creation based on the Native American tribe, the Quileute, while clearly stating my objective of what I expected to be knowledgeable of by the completion of the project. Following, I will provide the sources that I used to support my essay along with a brief description of the content it possessed. Then I will provide the information that I found during my study in an organized and sensible format. Lastly, my finished product will include my overall learning experience that took place during the research and completion of my

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