Quiktrip And Customer Service Case Study

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When someone first walks into a Quiktrip, the workers can really affect how their experience can go. The workers’ three two jobs are daily assisted work tasks(D.A.W.) and customer service. Quiktrippers can be put into four distinct categories: the 100% best for Quiktrip, the customer pleaser, the D.A.W. maniac, and the slacker. They can be looked at based on their work ethic, customer satisfaction, and their D.A.W. completion. Looking at the 100% best for Quiktrip employee, they are the employee that would receive employee of the month if that was a thing. They complete D.A.W. tasks quickly without question. They love talking to customers and always try to help them in any type of situation. These employees can be seen at any position in the store. They always have a great attitude at work and will tackle everything that you could throw at them. Similar to the 100% best for Quiktrip employee, the customer pleaser loves helping customers and always tries to ensure a happy experience. However, they don’t do very well on D.A.W. tasks or…show more content…
They can not do D.A.W. tasks anywhere near the time it is supposed to take. They are rude as they could ever be to customers and do not really care if there are no more hot dog buns. Although all three of the other types of Quiktrippers have something that is beneficial to the store, the slacker really doesn’t do anything. They act like Quiktrip is the nightmare that never ends. Slackers can usually be found hiding in the back under the security camera watching dog vines and eating taquitos. In conclusion, Quiktrippers can be different types that vastly affect how a customer’s experience can go. The experience could be so great that they leave a nice message thanking the employees/managers, or so bad that they workers have an entire meeting over one person messing everything up. Although they all are different and do very different things, they all build up to what Quiktrip really

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