Quinceañera Cultural Values

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Family is most important to us, and it’s not unusual to have Friday, Saturday and Sunday dinner at a cousins, aunties, and or grandparents’ house each week. One distinctive cultural aspect is the quinceañera; this event is to celebrate a girl’s journey to womanhood as she celebrates her 15th birthday. The celebration incudes a mass at the families church followed by a party that includes an extravagant dress for the birthday girl, food, dancing, gifts and the passing or opening of the last doll. Traditionally turning fifteen means you are no longer a child you are to pass a doll to your younger sibling if you have one. If you do not have a younger sibling this means that you are now leaving childhood things such as toys behind. Honoring this special coming of age tradition is a treasured Mexican-Latino event because it highlights the cultural values such as religion, family and friends.…show more content…
They enjoy family gatherings, food, dancing, quinceañera and just like in my culture they greet you with a hug and kiss on the cheek. Now when it comes down to food there some slight differences in that aspect. For example eating tamales is a must, technically we can eat tamales all year long; on December 24th tamales is the main course at our table. In Puerto Rico the traditional food eaten on December 24th is lechon asado (roasted pork). Puerto Ricans just like in my culture value family, friends and enjoy hosting dinners to get everyone
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